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Letter from Donna Martin

Greetings at the start of this new year, 2015...


I’m hoping your start to the year has been healthier than mine! I caught a doozy of a flu which has lasted more than a week already. I’m sure there’s a healing aspect to it. It feels like a major cleanse clearing me for big changes happening in my life this year.


Sadly, 2014 ended with the passing of Jeff Chernove, who was an amazing person, therapist, and teacher of Hakomi. He was one of Ron Kurtz’ “legacy holders” and was a pure expression of the spirit of Hakomi and Loving Presence. He will be greatly missed. We also lost another wonderful Hakomi trainer in 2014, Carrie Tuke from London England. Her beautiful presence and skillfulness was expressed in her work as a yoga teacher, and as a Hakomi therapist and trainer. These two have left an important imprint of grace and kindness an gentle wisdom to continue to inspire those of us who knew them in how we live and practise.


Personally, I feel blessed and full in my life. I am continuing to withdraw from teaching Hakomi except in special settings and mainly for advanced students and teachers. There is a one of a kind intensive happening this July in Hawaii in an amazing ranch setting on Molokai. Flint Sparks and I will share how we integrate Hakomi and embodied mindfulness practices, including meditation and psoma yoga. In this retreat we will support twenty teachers and potential teachers of the method to understand and share Hakomi as a spiritual practice. (This is an extension of what Ron Kurtz liked to call his Higher Ground training.) As of January, this retreat (July 3-13) is already almost full.


Flint Sparks (www.flintsparks.org) and I are offering two other retreats this year in Hawaii. The first one in June is our annual one week Heart of Meditation retreat. The November retreat is called Embodied Mindfulness and will be a nine day invitation into a practice of psoma yoga, Hakomi, meditation and healing. The setting for both is the amazing Hui Ho’olana (www.huiho.org) on Molokai.


In October I’ll be offering a one week psoma yoga retreat at Hollyhock (www.hollyhock.ca) with my friend Shelley Winton, who recently completed her master’s degree using psoma yoga therapy as her main research project. We are focusing this retreat on psoma yoga and the practice of ahimsa, or non-violence.


Other than offering intermittent skype sessions, mainly to mentor Hakomi practitioners and teachers, and these retreats, I am hoping to stay home or travel only for fun. 
I am completing work on a book on psoma yoga and psoma yoga therapy which will be available by the end of January as e-books. I am also hoping to finish work on my book on Hakomi which is called Embodied Mindfulness, the Hakomi Way. And I plan to write a version of the Loving Presence book, currently available as five e-books, that I can publish in print. One other book awaiting completion is a version of the Family Triangles for couples, called the Triangle Effect. This describes an amazing practical process for self understanding and forgiveness that was developed by Paul Brenner MD and myself and which we wrote about originally in Seeing Your Life through New Eyes.


So there are lots of writing projects to keep me busy when I’m not skiing or playing golf or spending time with my grandchildren and friends...! That’s what I hope my year will mainly look like in 2015. So it’s a big change!


Hope it’s a great year for you!



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