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Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes

A Workbook to Free Yourself From Your Past

By Paul Brenner, M.D., Ph.D and Donna Martin, M.A.


Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes identifies the origin of your personal profile and points you in directions to maximize your potential and transcend self-imposed limitations. This workbook format helps readers create a diary of self-discovery and assists in resolving any misunderstood relationships and addictive behavior. This book offers insights for replacing negative thoughts by revealing the source of their origin and suggests tools for reflection, insight, and change. Utilizing the process Family Triangles, which is based on the relationship of the parental hurts or gifts of childhood, specifically from the age of two to twelve, and how these experiences combine with inherent temperament to shape your adult life, Seeing Your Life Through New Eyes revisits your past and offers new perspectives from a different focal length without filters.


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October 2000 ISBN 1-57178-164-1 176 pages



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