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Donna Martin's Book Recommendation:


"Body-Centred Coaching"

by Marlena Field


This is the kind of book I love: at once readable and profound, inspiring and practical, informative and accessible.

Marlena Field and I have been friends for almost thirty years. When I say that she has put her heart into this book, as she does with everything, it is with a huge appreciation for her whole-hearted approach to life, her warmth, her joy, her spirit, her love of helping others, and her contagious enthusiasm. I think it comes through clearly in this delightful book.

I feel confident that you will pick up the spirit of that as you read it, along with all the tips and techniques that make this"body-centered" approach to working so effective.

Marlena and I started training in the Hakomi Method of Body-centered Psychotherapy together in 1990. I have gone on to become a trainer in that method, while Marlena has developed her skills as a personal coach. Both of us have felt and witnessed the profound affect of paying attention to the wisdom of the body in our own lives and in working with others. I am thrilled to see her take the essence of the body-mind approach, adapt it to the coaching situation, and create in this book a simple yet powerfully effective tool for others to use in their work and in their life.

I think this book will help anyone working with others in a "client-centered" way to access deeper levels of intuitive knowing, clarity, peace of mind, confidence, inspiration, and creativity in all they do.

I am certain you will want to read "Body-Centered Coaching" again and again and have it close at hand when you work with others.

Mostly, I sincerely hope you will begin to use the simple tools shared in this book to enrich your own life.



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